ADECO is a private engineering company established in Poland in 2006. We provide services and complete technical solutions in the field of automation and (process) control engineering for various industries.

The company possess many years of intensive engineering experience acquired during large engineering projects across different industries in Poland, Asia, Africa, as well as the Middle East and few European countries.  The projects were performed for such worldwide companies as:


  • Singapore                           SGS Thomson Microelectronics
  • Libya                                     Krupp Industrietechnik and ABB Italy
  • Saudi Arabia                      Salzgitter Anlagenbau, German company
  • Italy, Iran and Ukraine    Danieli Automation, Italian company
  • EU and Turkey                  KSB, German company
  • Poland                                 MAN Trucks Poland, Fiat Auto Poland,  Steel plant Czestochowa

In particular, we specialise in the following industrial sectors: metallurgical, automotive, semiconductor, gas refinery, paper industry, power generation, and machinery.

Adeco offers their services at any stage of the project:
1.    Concept and initial study of the processes leading to improved efficiency, productivity or reduction of losses.

1.1 Evaluation of the costs of the improvement.

2.    Detailed technical specification including functional description and feasibility study.
3.    Technical documentation: mechanical and electrical
4.    Fabrication, assembly, installation and commissioning
5.    „After sales” service.

Adeco is able to perform complex services of the automation of the following processes.
1.    Design and fabrication of mechanics
2.    Design and installation of instrumentation including the power components (electrics, pneumatics and hydraulics)
3.    Software development of PLC

In addition, Adeco cooperates with a network of partner companies and we participate as a partner in other companies’ projects. Depending on the specifics of the project we have work opportunities so please do not hesitate do get in touch with us whether you a client or talented engineer.  

Adeco is proud of many accomplishments in performing specialist projects and we strive to deliver our best service.